Student Services

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University Cooperative Union (store and student dining)

This facility is open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and sells books and daily necessities for your college life. It also has a cafeteria serving meals.


Ibaraki University, the College of Engineering, has two dormitories.

1. International House

Monthly Rent 5,900 yen (single, 11 rooms)
11,900 yen (couple, 2 rooms)
14,200 yen (family, 1 room)

2. "Kouyo" Dormitory (males only)

Monthly Rent 4,300 yen (single, 168 rooms)

Both dormitories are about a 15-minute walk from the College of Engineering.

Health Management and Counseling Room for Students

Our health-care room provides regular health checkups as well as treatment for injuries and sickness. In addition, our full-time staff provides counseling on studentsNULL mental and physical well-being, nutrition, and other matters.

Student Mentoring System

In the College of Engineering, we have established a system to mentor students in order to better spend their student life in a fulfilling manner, and to provide them with advice when faced with problems.

Employment Assistance

The Student Career Center provides help in finding job. Employment counselors in the College of Engineering provide assistance in each department. By providing support and advice on an individual basis to students, they introduce paths to employment sources and help students better negotiate those paths.

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