Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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In order for 1st and 2nd year students to fully understand the basic subjects of electrical and electronic engineering, the department offers curricula that include connected education and small-class education based on a two-class system, and full-fledged exercises. 3rd and 4th year students are divided into two courses - electric systems and electronic systems - allowing them to acquire up-to-date specialized knowledge by studying in an intensive and efficient manner in small classes. The graduates of this department will be able to find jobs at wide-ranging top-ranking corporations, such as electric appliance makers, power companies, auto manufacturers, and in information industries.

Admission policy

  • Who has an eagerness towards learning about electrical and electronic engineering, with the necessary basic knowledge of mathematics and physics, and an ability to communicate ideas and concepts clearly.
  • Who aims at acquiring a higher knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering, and on acquiring an overall ability to actively participate internationally as an electrical and electronic engineer.
  • Who aims at contributing towards a sustainable society as an educated technical expert of electrical and electronic engineering.

Diploma policy (Policy of conferment of a degree)


  • Have appropriate abilities to apply expert knowledge as electrical and electronic engineers.
  • Have the ability to convey information in Japanese and in English as electrical and electronic engineers.
  • Be further educated as electrical and electronic engineers.


Course of Graduates (Academic Year of 2015)

Num. of graduatesNum. of students who go on graduate schoolsNum. of students who get a jobNum. of others

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