Message from the Dean

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The College of Engineering, Ibaraki University, was established in 1939 from Taga Technical High School. Through numerous expansions and reorganizations, the college now consists of eight departments. Since its inception, the College of Engineering has trained and graduated engineers and researchers who have broad insight and knowledge. Many of our graduates are actively involved with improving societies around the world. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of an abundant society by developing and establishing new scientific techniques and by greatly improving the harmonization and coexistence of man and the earth's natural environment.

The professional education offered at the College of Engineering is a wide-ranging curriculum that emphasizes specific acquisition of basic knowledge and the cultivation of ability to give solutions to problems when they occur. Also, emphasis is not only on specialized fields but also on liberal education such as foreign language and sociology. The professors and staff are always striving to secure and guarantee the highest educational standards through careful monitoring, evaluating, and improving the curriculum and teaching methodologies.

The Hitachi campus is in the vicinity of one of the most prestigious research areas of advanced industry and research laboratories in Japan. Utilizing the advantages of this area, basic research as well as collaborative and cooperative research are actively pursued producing excellent results as published on the Internet. For all enterprises interested in cooperative research, please contact us without hesitation. Also, we are striving to improve the ability to apply and practice our pursuits while cooperating and collaborating with enterprises and laboratories in the educational field. As a result, we have a high rate of employment. Recently, many students are going on to our university's Master's program. Furthermore, a number of students go on to our Doctoral course, devoting themselves to further study and research in order to be more expert engineers and researchers.

To everyone who studies at high school, study at the College of Engineering is difficult as there is a lot of research and practice done to cultivate your abilities. Through many hours of study, the academic ability you acquire will bring you an abundantly fulfilling life just as many of our graduates have acquired.

After graduation, there is a wide range of opportunities to take an active part in society. So please enter the College of Engineering. We are waiting for you.

The Dean of the College of Engineering
Mitsuru Baba


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