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Harmonizing advanced science and technology with people and the natural environment

Since the founding of its predecessor, Taga Technical College, the College of Engineering has a long tradition of excellence. The history of Japan's postwar growth and its development as a technology based country also encompasses that of Ibaraki University's education and research in the field of science and technology. We are proud that since its inception, the university has sent out to the world numerous engineers and researchers who have contributed to modern scientific technologies. The College of Engineering, confident and proud of its distinguished history, continues to grow and to transform itself to meet the ever changing demands of the modern world.

Given the advances made in science and technology and the rapid dissemination of leading edge technologies, the university continues to foster human resources who support next-generation technology and are capable of discerning its future development in depth, as well as creating and disseminating unique scientific technologies that ensure harmony between people and the natural environment. The College of Engineering, Ibaraki University, is determined to continue creating global scientific technology that blazes a new path to the future.

The College of Engineering is looking for students who:

  • have basic academic and communications skills
  • desire to master professional scientific technology
  • have interest in social involvement and international activities
  • wish to acquire professional knowledge of scientific technology
  • want to enhance logical thinking
  • aspire to become professionals with sophisticated engineering expertise to improve society

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