Green Device Education and Research Center

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Teruyuki Ikeda, Center Director
Teruyuki Ikeda, Center Director

Green Device Education and Research Center is conducting researches on novel devices which will contribute to electric power saving or higher energy efficiency in various human activities in order to realize environment-friendly society. Collecting the wisdom of materials, device, circuit, analysis, and simulation, and utilizing nanotechnology, computer simulation, and advanced analysis/measurement techniques, we pursue high efficiency thermoelectric conversion system, non-volatile magnetic memory with low power consumption, and superconducting devices.

We also produce scientists/engineers who acquire advanced science/technology through the advanced researches. Futhermore, we share knowledges acuired through researches with the regional society and contribute to the growth of the regional industries and enonomies.


Center Members

PositionNameResearch fieldLink
IKEDA Teruyuki Nano Structural Science, Metallic Physical Properties, Composite Materials/Physical Properties, Structural/Functional Materials Lab
Deputy Director,
OHTA Hiromichi Thermophysical properties, Composite materials Lab
Deputy Director,
Associate Professor
KOMINE Takashi Functional materials and electronic device engineering Lab
Professor SASAJIMA Yasushi Computer experiments on materials, Science and technology of thin solid films Lab
Professor SHIMAKAGE Hisashi Superconducting Electronics, Microwave devices Lab
Professor TAKEDA Shigeki Wireless communication system, Antenna system Lab
Associate Professor TASHIRO Suguru    
Associate Professor NISHI TSUYOSHI Metallic Physical Properties, Inorganic Material/Physical Properties Lab
Lecturer NAGANO Takatoshi Plastic working Simulation using Particle Method, Ab initio Calculation  

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