Education and Research Center for Disaster Prevention and Security

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WU Zhishen, Center Director
WU Zhishen, Center Director

In the 21st century, our global society faces challenges in natural disasters, environmental issues, resource and energy problems, etc. Under these circumstances, infrastructures in the fields of civil engineering, transport and energy, and viewpoints of developing in space and ocean need to consider following issues: 1) developing highly-resilience and long-life infrastructures, 2) aims to reduce environmental loads and realize the recycling-base society, 3) in harmony with nature. Smart infrastructures consist of smart-ability and intelligentization, is an outstanding idea that makes it possible to find solutions for above mentioned issues. Consequently increasingly importance has been attached to technologies of smart infrastructure. The following objectives missions are set to accomplish our goal:

[Mission 1] to establish fundamental technologies for smart infrastructure, disaster prevention and security system, which include smart sensors and actuators, next-generation networks, and other integrated knowledges such as electric, information, digital communication, materials and structures.

[Mission 2] to develop smart and intelligent elements and systems for various infrastructures, which comprise related processes such as design, production, maintenance, examination and diagnosis, reinforcements and rehabilitation for long-life purpose, disaster prevention/ reduction.

[Mission 3] to carryout concepts, objective and strategies of smart civil infrastructures and security system engineer in close collaborations with advanced international communities and institutions.


Center Members

PositionNameResearch fieldLink
WU Zhishen Computational fracture and failure mechanics, Fibres and FRP technologies, Advanced sensor technologies, Structural health monitoring and control, Maintenance and life-cycle engineering and Disaster prevention and mitigation Lab
Deputy Director,
NOBUOKA Hisamichi Prevention of coastal disasters, Integrated coastal zone management, Impact assessment of Storm surge disaster in climate change Lab
Deputy Director,
HARADA Takao Maintenance management engineering, Information processing system for civil engineering Lab
Associate Professor
KURUMATANI Mao Computational Mechanics and Applied Mechanics. Development of numerical evaluation methods for quasi-brittle materials and structures Lab
Professor IMAI Yoh Opto-electronics, Terahertz engineering Lab
Professor TAKEDA Shigeki Wireless communication system, Antenna system Lab
Professor TONOOKA Hideyuki Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Spatial Information System Lab
Professor HABUCHI Hiromasa Information and Communication Engineering Lab
Professor KOBAYASHI Kaoru Soil Foundations Engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Geotechnical engineering Lab
Professor NUMAO Tatsuya Creep, Drying Shrinkage and Durability of Concrete, Recycle of Industrial Wastes as Construction Material, Detection of Defects in Concrete by Infrared Thermography method Lab
Professor MINATO Atsushi Applied Optics, Image Processing, Kansei Engineering Lab
Contract Professor SHIBUSAWA Susumu Computer Networks, Algorithms, Distributed Systems  
Associate Professor YOKOTA Hirohisa Optoelectronics, Fiber-optic communication system  
Associate Professor Narita Kazuhiko Building structures  
Associate Professor HIRATA Terumitsu Transportation Systems Engineering, Transport Policy, Air Transportation Systems and Airport Planning Lab
Lecturer ISHIDA Tomoyuki Virtual Reality, Tele-Immersion, Augmented Reality, Sensitivity Informatics/Soft Computing, Natural Disaster Science, Disaster Management Support, Social System Engineering/Safety System, Web Application, Smartphone Application Lab
Lecturer Tsujimura Sohei Architectural Environmental Engineering, Architectural Acoustics, Environmental  
Guest INOUE Ryousuke   Lab
Guest HUANG Huang    

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