Education and Research Centers

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We aim to train personnel who will contribute to the world

Dean of the College of Engineering,
Department of Science and Engineering Research Director
Mitsuru Baba


   In 2004 the reorganization of national universities took place. Since then, the education and research environment surrounding Ibaraki University has changed remarkably. Due to the decrease of operating subsidies for universities, the decrease of professors, the intensification of competition among universities, the decrease of students taking the entrance examination, the acceleration of internationalization and the increase of demands for social contributions inspired Ibaraki University to make various reforms to become a national university centering on the community. Thus, the College of Engineering established four education and research centers in January 2012, and "ICT Glocal Research and Education Center"in July 2014 integrating (1) Education (2) Research (3) Contributions to society. Each center integrates the scientific knowledge and skills that have been cultivated at the College of Engineering to support the development and restoration of society. By strengthening the interactive relationship among all in a regional community, it is my hope to enhance the power to utilize the voice of society through our university's education and research centers. As we put emphasis on training personnel (students and businessmen) who will contend in the world, I believe these centers will serve as an interface between Ibaraki University, and society.


Three Roles of the Centers

Three Roles of the Centers (1) Educate students and personnel for globalization
    Students, young teaching staff, engineers, and researchers

(2) Promote the research of leading-edge technologies
    A systematic approach to project based research and research results that contribute to society

(3) Contribute to the local community
    Comprehensive contributions based on joint research and education


Relations with Society


Relations with Society





Life Support Science Education and Research Center

Life Support Science Education and Research Center carries out education and research of science and technology that aim at supporting human life, assisting with physical functions, and creating a comfortable living environment.

Education and Research Center for Science-Based Plastic Forming

Plastic forming is an environmentally friendly process that causes no waste and does not require high temperature. Education and Research Center for Science-Based Plastic Forming aims to develop this field with local people, towards a long-term vision.

Green Device Education and Research Center

Eco-friendly highly efficient low power electron and information devices are essential to realizing an abundant society. We practice challenging and advanced research about nanoscience and its applied applications. Green Device Education and Research Center strives to create new industries fostering the development of eco-friendly devices into key technologies.

Education and Research Center for Disaster Prevention and Security

Education and Research Center for Disaster Prevention and Security (CDPS) addresses key scientific and engineering problems of technological significance on disaster prevention and security which require an approach that transcends traditional disciplines.

ICT Glocal Research and Education Center

This center aims to develop innovative research on ICT from a global point of view. At the same time, each member will contribute to the local community by applying cutting-edge ICT technology.

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