Life Support Science Education and Research Center

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Toru Masuzawa, Center Director
Toru Masuzawa, Center Director

   It is desirable for people to stay as healthy as possible, to engage in work, and to spend a happy and fulfilling life with a higher QOL (Quality of Life) in society. Our center carries out education and research of science and technology that aim at supporting human life, assisting with physical functions, and creating a comfortable living environment. We have been investigating life support science research since 1998 under the auspices of the Ibaraki Life Support Consortium. Our goal is to contribute to society's well-being by applying such knowledge and skills as miniaturization, power efficiency improvement, optimization, and intelligent mechatronics in medical care and welfare. These technologies are not only applicable in the medical care and welfare fields but also in broad industrial fields. We aim to utilize our knowledge towards realizing a better society without limitations.


Center Members

PositionNameResearch fieldLink
MASUZAWA Toru Bio-mechatronics, Magnetically suspended artificial heart, Magnetically levitated motor, Medical engineering Lab
Deputy Director,
NAGAYAMA Kazuaki Cell Biomechanics, Micro-Nano Manipulation, Mechanobiology,  
Deputy Director,
MORI Yoshikazu Welfare Robotics, KANSEI Robotics, Mechatronics Lab
Professor INAGAKI Terumi Thermal Engineering,Infrared Engineering,Fluid Engineering,Environmental Engineering Lab
Professor KONDO Ryou Control Engineering, Control of Mechanical Systems, Robotic Engineering Lab
Professor TANAKA Nobuatsu Computational Fluid Dynamics, Environmental and Nuclear Engineering, Parallel Processing Lab
Professor KUBOTA Toshio Selective synthesis of fluorine-containing organic compounds and polymers Lab
Professor YAMAUCHI Satoshi Semiconductor Devices and Multifunctional Integration  
Professor TSUJI Ryusuke Laser engineering, Computer simulation Lab
Professor MINATO Atsushi Applied Optics, Image Processing, Kansei Engineering Lab
Associate Professor OZEKI Kazuhide Bio-materials, Thin-film formation, Inorganic materials Lab
Associate Professor SHIMIZU Toshimi Vibration Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, Robotics  
Associate Professor NISHI Yasuyuki Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery Lab
Associate Professor MATSUDA Ken-ichi Mechatronics, Electromagnetic Dynamics and Application Lab
Associate Professor MICHITSUJI Yohei Vehicle Engineering, Control Engineering Lab
Associate Professor KIMURA Takayuki Imaging Devices, Integrated Circuits  
Associate Professor FUJITA Masafumi Water and Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment Engineering Lab
Associate Professor FUKUOKA Yasuhiro Robot Engineering, Dynamic Robot Lab
Lecturer LI Yanrong Thermal and Fluid Engineering  
Lecturer SHIBANOKI Taro Dimension elimination, Biosignal processing, Human-machine interface, Medical diagnosis support system Lab
Lecturer INOUE Kousuke Intelligent Mechanics and Machine System, Intelligent Informatics, Computer Science, System Engineering Lab
Assistant Professor OSA Masahiro Machine Mechanics/Control  
Assistant Professor SUMIYA Hideyasu Rehabilitation Science/Welfare Engineering Lab

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