Education and Research Center for Science-Based Plastic Forming

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Goroh Itoh, Center Director
Goroh Itoh, Center Director

    Plastic forming is an environmentally friendly process that causes no waste and does not require high temperature. It is highly valued as it requires basic knowledge on the characteristics of materials as well as on the processing itself. Therefore, to maintain our leading edge technology, we must conduct the research and development on plastic forming, staring ahead in a scientific manner, not depending merely on the intuition and experiences.

    Compared to other universities, Ibaraki University, College of Engineering has a greater number of teaching/research staff in this field. We have been carrying out the activity of NULLForum on Science-Based Plastic FormingNULL since 2010. With the establishment of this center in January 2012, we have been giving priority to education as well as research, and promoting more actively the education and research activities on science-based plastic forming. Through the education of graduate students on joint research projects with industry, visiting lecturers, and the acceptance of working doctoral course students, we aim to develop this field with local people, towards a long-term vision.


Center Members

PositionNameResearch fieldLink
ITOH Goroh Basics and Applications of Plastic Forming, Heat Treatment Lab
Deputy Director,
SUZUKI Tetsuya Plastic Deformation of Crystals, Texture  
Deputy Director,
Associate Professor
NISHINO Souichiro   Lab
Professor HORIBE Tadashi Elastodynamics, Computational Mechanics, Inverse Analysis of Cracks Lab
Professor IWAMOTO Chihiro Transmission Electron Microscopy, Nanoanalysis, Welding, Interface Engineering Lab
Professor Emeritus MOTOHASHI Yoshinobu Materials for Mechanical Engineering, Fundamentals and Application of Superplasticity  
Associate Professor KURUMADA Akira Engineering Materials, Structural and Functional materials  
Associate Professor IWASE Kenji Structural/Functional Materials  
Associate Professor TASHIRO Suguru    
Lecturer NAGANO Takatoshi Plastic working Simulation using Particle Method, Ab initio Calculation  
Assistant Professor KOBAYASHI Junya Engineering Materials, Heat Treatment  

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