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Insttitute for Global Change Adaptation Science (ICAS), Ibaraki University

ICAS focuses on climate change, and studies adaptation in a range of fields such as disaster prevention, social safety and security, agriculture, and urban environments and lifestyle.

Ibaraki University Frontier Research Center for Applied Atomic Sciences (iFRC)

The iFRC analyzes the structures and functions of materials by using various technologies, including epoch-making neutron scattering and diffraction technology that uses a high-strength neutron source, as well as various kinds of quantum beams, thereby aiming to develop new chemicals and materials.

Center for Water Environment Studies, Ibaraki University

The Center for Water Environment Studies aims at promoting education and research in a wide range of issues concerning the water environment from global scale protection of the coastal environment against global warming to 1ocal environmental problems, such as groundwater resources, environmental resources of rivers and lakes, geo pollution issues, problems in waste disposal and measures against disasters

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