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  • 機械・伊藤吾朗研究室所属の学生と、訪問研究生 計2名が学生国際会議にて賞を受賞しました

機械・伊藤吾朗研究室所属の学生と、訪問研究生 計2名が学生国際会議にて賞を受賞しました


先日11月18日(土)に水戸キャンパスで開催された「学生国際会議(ISCI)」にて、機械の伊藤吾朗先生研究室所属の博士後期課程学生「Afshin Yousefiさん」がオーラル発表賞を、同じく訪問研究生の「Zoha Ghoraniさん」がポスター発表賞をそれぞれ受賞いたしました。



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The 13th International Student Conference Conference in Ibaraki


Afshin Yousefi

Presentation title

The comparison between electrolytically and plasma hydrogen charging method of duplex stainless steel

Title of the award

Third Oral Award

Comment for the award

I am greatly appreciated for all the supports that I have ever received from professor GOROH ITOH. None of this could have ever happened if it wasn't because of all his ceaseless helps. Today I am also very much grateful that I am living in an environment that not only I have countless opportunities in sense of academic, but also in terms of true friendship, brotherhood and generosity. Not a single day passed since I entered this country and university without being amazing by the positivity and care that I received from the selfless academic team. It is indeed the most important fundamental of all scientific system to help the students prosper and gain they desire in their life. Last but not least, I want to use this opportunity to thank professor KURAMOTO and professor KOBAYASHI for all of their guidance's throughout my studies.



Zoha Ghorani

Presentation title

Visualization of hydrogen in a duplex stainless steel

Title of the award

Third Poster Award

Comment for the award

Goal is like a shiny star in our life sky...Always twinkles and shows us the road... and our job is to get the best way to reach the goal.

In this journey there are wrinkles and obstacles, with thinking and good guidance we can keep ourselves safe and strong and achieve the goal.

I am always thankful of professor GOROH ITOH that he shows me the way and appreciate him for his knowledge. He is always ready to generously help his students learn more and more. Let's stand and fight and take all that universe can give.)

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