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Kaoru Kurosawa, Center Director
Kaoru Kurosawa, Center Director

 While the most theoretical aspect of computer science is to try to solve the P=NP problem, our goal is "theory meets practice". In particular; we consider that the study, which brings dramatic improvements to thelocalcommunity is the ultimate "practice". This center aims to develop innovative research on ICT from aglobalpoint of view.

 Our research efforts are enhanced through creative collaborations among the leading researchers in the area of modern cryptography, machine learning, remote sensing, communication theory, medical IT and function analysis. We will continue to play a key role in the computer revolution, and at the same time, each member will contribute to the local community by applying cutting-edge ICTtechnologies.It will be our great pleasure if we can realize such "theory meets practice".


Center Members

PositionNameResearch fieldLink
KUROSAWA Kaoru Cryptography Lab
Deputy Director,
UEDA Yoshikazu Software Engineering, Project Management Lab
Deputy Director,
HABUCHI Hiromasa Information and Communication Engineering Lab
Deputy Director,
Specially Appointed Professor
SAITO Osamu Visualization of environmental information, Sensor IC tags  
Professor KAMADA Masaru Information and Communication Engineering, Mechanics and Control Engineering, Intelligent Informatics Lab
Professor SHINNOU Hiroyuki Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Statistics Lab
Professor TONOOKA Hideyuki Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Spatial Information System Lab
Professor YONEKURA Tatsuhiro Informatics, Computer Science Lab
Professor KUWAHARA Yuji Image processing and analysis of satellite data Environmental surveying, Generation of national land information using GIS Lab
Professor YAMADA Minoru Traffic Engineering and Regional Planning Lab
Associate Professor OHTAKI Yasuhiro Computer System Network, Fundamental Informatics Lab
Associate Professor FUJIYOSHI Akio Fundamental Informatics  
Associate Professor YONEYAMA Kazuki Cryptography, Information Security Lab
Lecturer ISHIDA Tomoyuki Virtual Reality, Tele-Immersion, Augmented Reality, Sensitivity Informatics/Soft Computing, Natural Disaster Science, Disaster Management Support, Social System Engineering/Safety System, Web Application, Smartphone Application Lab
Lecturer OKADA Shinichiro Intelligent Informatics, Educational Technology  
Lecturer KOMIYA Kanako Knowledge processing including data mining and natural language processing Lab
Lecturer SASAKI Minoru Intelligent Informatics Lab
Lecturer SHIBANOKI Taro Dimension elimination, Biosignal processing, Human-machine interface, Medical diagnosis support system Lab
Lecturer NOGUCHI Hiroshi Database Lab
Assistant Professor KOZAWA Yusuke Digital communications, wireless communication systems, and optical wireless communication systems  
Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI Ryuichi Software Engineering, Interaction in Distributed Systems  
Assistant Professor HORITA Hiroki Software Engineering, Business Process Management Lab
Assistant Professor KOHANA Masaki Web System, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Text Mining Lab

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